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PROTECTORS OF POMELO is a micro-RTS with roguelike components.
This is a prototype! The project is still in progress and a lot of things will change.

Protect your island against waves of monsters in this micro RTS set in the Pacific Ocean. Upgrade your technology to strategically defend the archipelagos while managing money and natural resources.

- Build your own path to defeat the demons invading your islands
- Progress through a tech tree to unlock new buildings
- Level up your hero and use their special skills to gain an edge in fight

The World Of Pomelo

When your peaceful archipelago is under attack from a group of diverse monsters, you will become the protector of your island, with every means at your disposal: technology upgrade, spirituality, and strategy. Inspired by the Polynesian culture, you will come upon rites, legends, and monsters from Polynesian folklore.

Become A protector

Protectors of Pomelo revolves around strategy: build towers to be the most efficient defense before the enemy's procedural wave. The automatic attack is what will protect your constructions, resources, and island.
Play a hero with their own skills & abilities, and upgrade them to become the protector the archipelagos need!

Manage Your island

Be careful: there's so much you can do without adequately managing the islands' natural resources. Money and wood are needed to build your towers, and upgrade them as well as your hero. Use them wisely!

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