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You're about to launch the Neurodeck, the amazing product of a new startup in a near future. The Neurodeck lets you explore your subscionscious, fight monsters from your inner demons. You will also encounter characters from your past. Be careful though, it is said the Neurodeck can kill their user.

Intended Features

  • Deckbuilding as you progress through the game (Slay The Spire like)
  • Meditate and choose your personality traits that alter your gameplay profoundly
  • Explore the subconscious maze, full of cards and improvements that will help you defeat the monsters in your mind
  • Light RPG mechanics that allow you to customize your character stats & skills
  • Characters & places from your past that will tell you what mental health
  • Horrific monsters inspired by real-life phobia
  • Tight narrative showcasing principles about mental health
  • Real-life background texts about mental health to help put things into perspective


The game is still in alpha. Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/DandEXa

  • Game design & coding by @Tavrox_
  • Visual arts by @Zellana_
  • Audio arts by @RCabezos
  • Additional work & help by Léonard Bertos, Benoit Ledirach & more.

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