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Match On The Nile is an RPG game with Match 3 mechanics set in Ancient Egypt.

You will play Neith, a warrior and right-handed woman of Cleopatra, and investigate why the gods are so upset towards humans. Alongside the Nile, Neith will meet gods and monsters that she'll have to defeat through match 3 fight sequences.

The allies

During your quest alongside the Nile, you'll meet gods and goddesses from Egyptian mythology. They will team up with you if you show them your skills and will to save Egypt.

The enemies

Seth will send you his monsters to stop you in your progression. It is common in Egyptian mythology to see mixed animals, so we decided to bring them life and make them intimidating enemies to face!


  • Arcade gameplay of Match 3 meets the Midcore roguelite genre for amazing replayability and fun turn-based mechanics
  • Discover Ancient Egypt with the epic adventure of Neith, who want to protect her country
  • Defeat the gods and evil monsters inspired by Egyptian Mythology like Horus, Seth or the Sphinx
  • Live the RPG Fantasy through XP, Skills, Levels, Gears and Inventories
  • Meet colorful characters and merchants who will give you a glimpse of what living in Ancient Egypt was like

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